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Oct 14, 2012 9:30am EDT
bididen proved to us why he cannot be president of the united states. the ceo has to be able to listen. he did not let that poor guy get fiveve wor out of his mouth without interrupting. >> he w was very lively doug fruehling. he did interrupt far t often been bent onon the other hand, the previous debat eveveryone complained was n interrupted enough. i liked the foformat of both. i cannnnot tell you how many times i go out and talk to voters and i hear them say i wish they would talk more specifics about the issues. wewe the media do not alwayays cover it. i like the debate because they have more time to really go onn at length. that was bororing the fit time around. i want to gett doug's response. >> it was the vicpresidential debate and it should have been feisty and they should have gone after each other. that is what made it so lively. they are a always me lively than e presidentitial debates. >> what did you hear? >> a lot of numbers that may or may not be right. it is the fact checking. >> we tried to d do fact cheing rapidly afterwards. beaus in the eye of the holderer. george alle
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1